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Open House 2010

The LBNL Open House was held on Saturday, October 2nd. Volunteers and employees of the Earth Sciences Division came together, with the rest of the Lab, to host friends and families from local communities and schools.   Groups and individuals came by our exhibits to read, listen, learn, and do! Showcasing in the Safe Energy and Seeing Energy themes, here is what our Earth Scientists had in store, in anticipation of over 4,700 registered participants!

Our Exhibits

Seeing Energy

  • Climate Modeling (Exhibit Leaders: Bill Collins (ESD) and Prahbat (CRD)). In partnership with the Computational Research Division, our scientists featured movies on the "Energizing Earth" globe, which provides a 3D overlay. this exhibit now has a semi-permanent showcase in the B50 Lobby. Our movies featured weather systems from the latest DOE climate model run on LBNL’s super computers. LBNL is using it to study future tropical storms. Find out more by reading about our Climate Science Department.

Safe Energy

  • Why “Bugs” Are Important (See Results from the Gulf Oil Spill) - (Exhibit Leader: Terry Hazen). The posters and speakers will show the impacts that microbial communities within the affected area of the Gulf Oil spill assisted in cleanup efforts.
  • Storing CO2 Deep Underground to Help Reduce Global Warming - (Exhibit Leader: John Henry Beyer). Our model shows how geologic formations trap CO2 deep in the earth, the way oil and natural gas have been trapped for millions of years.
  • Let Us See You Shake! - (Exhibit Leader: Phil Harben). This exhibit demonstrates methods researchers use to calculate how energy is dispersed when a seismic (natural or artificial) event occurs. Record your own shake motion.
  • Carbon Explorer - Robotic Exploration in Stormy Seas - (Exhibit Leader: Jim Bishop). The Carbon Explorer is an autonomous, floating robot that carries out oceanic observations that would prove difficult if not impossible for conventional research ships.

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ESD folks at 2010 Open House


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