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Division Safety Committee

The Division Safety Committee monitors the implementation of ESD's ES&H program, identifies opportunities for improvement, advises the Division Director on ES&H issues, facilitates communication of ES&H issues throughout the Division, and supports self-assessment activities, etc. Should any need for change arise in the Division's implementation of integrated safety management, the committee will discuss the matter and make recommendations to the Division Director. The Committee identifies important issues at each meeting for distribution as ESD-level 1 emails. The Committee generally meets on a monthly basis, but at least six times per year.

The Chair of the Safety Committee will organize meetings, set agendas, and record and publish meeting minutes, which will be distributed to the Division Director, Department Heads, Program Heads, Division Council Members, Division Safety Committee Members, and posted on ESD's ES&H website.

The normal term on the committee will be 3 years.

The Division thanks all of the former and continuing members of this committee for their service in this important capacity.

To learn more, please review ESD's Integrated Safety Management Plan (ISM).

Safety Committee Meetings

The Safety Committee meets every second Wednesday of each month unless otherwise noted. 1:30-2:30 pm in 90-1099. All employees are welcome to attend. Please contact your department representative for issues you would like to see the committee address.

Safety Committee Members

ESD Department Heads are expected to attend a number of safety committee meetings throughout the year.

Safety Coordinator
Vivi Fissekidou, Division Safety Committee ChairVivi Fissekidou
Division Safety Committee Chair
Division Safety Coordinator
Ecology Department
Dominique Joyner Dominique Joyner

Yvette Piceno Yvette Piceno
EHS Division
Rob Connelly Joe Dionne
EHS Division, Heath and Safety Liaison
Climate Science Department
Todd Wood Todd Wood
Rachel Porras Rachel Porras
Geochemistry Department
Joern Larsen Joern Larsen
Carl Steefel Carl Steefel
Geophysics Department
Seiji Nakagawa Seiji Nakagawa

Hydrogeology Department
Yongman Kim Yongman Kim
Barry Freifeld Barry Freifeld
No Photo Paul Cook
Alternate for Barry Freifeld
Division Business Operations
Peter Lau Peter Lau


Safety Committee Meeting Minutes