Earth Sciences Division (ESD) Department of Energy (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

Health & Safety Contacts

Important!If you are experiencing an on-site emergency, please call x7911.
Stay on the line as there is a temporary delay while your call is routed.
Refer to the Emergency Action Guide for more information.

Near Miss/Feedback Tool

All employees are encouraged to use the ESD Feedback Tool to report a Near Miss. ESD's Near Miss Program helps to gather the and disseminate the information that you provide to workers to help prevent injuries/accidents.

Safety Committee

Contact your Department Safety Committee Member to raise issues you would like to see the committee address and make recommendations to the Division Director at their next meeting. The Safety Committee monitors the implementation of ESD's ES&H program, identifies opportunities for improvement, advises the Division Director on ES&H issues, facilitates communication of ES&H issues throughout the Division, and supports self-assessment activities, etc.

ERGO Advocate

If your work consists of repetitive activities, we encourage you to contact one of your local ERGO Advocates to discuss ergonomic awareness, which includes: risk factors, postures and work habits, tools, furniture, and techniques that will help reduce employee risk exposures.

Safety Line Management

Communication through the Safety Line Management is critical to help define, control, authorize work, and give feedback within the Integrated Safety Management (ISM) model. Always keep your Line Management informed of any incidents (injuries, accidents), issues, or concerns that should be reported through the Safety Line Management.

Division Contacts

If all other avenues of reporting a concern do not provide results, contact these Division Contacts directly to elevate your concerns.

Position Name (510) 486- E-mail Address
Division Director Don DePaolo 7560
Deputy Division Director Susan Hubbard
Division Safety Coordinator Vivi Fissekidou 5610
Safety Coordination Additional Contact Ronnie Woods 4223
EHS Liaison Joe Dionne 4028
Senior Advisor, Deputy Director for Operations Ernie Majer 6709
Business Manager Peter Lau 5570
SRC Representative John Christensen 6735

EHS Division

For complete information on who to contact or other comprehensive information regarding all policies and procedures, please visit Berkeley Lab's EHS Division website.