Earth Sciences Division (ESD) Department of Energy (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

Integrated Safety Management

Integrated Safety Management (ISM) is the way we manage safety while working at the Lab by integrating safety into all our work activities. ESD’s mission is to continually strive for improvements in safety, the quality of science, and employee work satisfaction.

ESD management shall ensure that work, under their leadership, is performed in compliance with the ESD Integrated Safety Management (ISM) Plan.

The ISM 5 core functions requires that:

ESD is committed to performing work safely and in a manner that ensures protection of employees, the public, Laboratory assets and the environment. ESD’s line and Program management, its staff, contractors, students, and guests are responsible and accountable for the safe performance of work, and will exert sufficient care, and provide resources toward the safe conduct of its operations.


ESD Integrated Safety


ISM Five Core Functions Resources Tools for Implementing ISM within ESD
ISM - Planning phase

1. Define Work

Clear definition of the tasks to be accomplished as part of any given activity.

2. Analyze Hazards

Identification and analysis of the hazards, risks, and environmental impacts associated with any activity.

3. Develop Controls

Controls sufficient to reduce the hazards and impacts associated with any activity to acceptable levels.

ISM - Working phase

4. Perform Work

Work in accordance with the established controls.

ISM - Assessing phase

5. Obtain Feedback and Improve Plan / Work