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Job Hazards Analysis (JHA)


The Job Hazards Analysis (JHA) process provides a documented mechanism to answer the question “How do I know that I’m doing my job safely?” The JHA provides a work hazard and control description (called the Hazards Profile) and a Work Authorization for anyone working at LBNL. The purpose of the JHA is to provide Line Management a tool to authorize work.

Federal law requires, that all staff, participating guests, visitors, and others who perform work at, or for, LBNL receive appropriate training necessary to protect their health and perform work in a safe and environmentally sound manner. The Job Hazards Analysis (JHA) is one of the tools LBNL uses to meet this responsibility. An At-A-Glance version of this information can be found here.

(In the case of a subcontractor, vendor, or guest who perform on-site hands on work, and who do not fulfill this JHA process, click here to review the Subcontractor's "SJHA" overview and requirements.)


The JHA process is designed to be completed when workers are first employed, annually thereafter, or when jobs or scope of work changes significantly. The Worker, begins this process by accessing the JHA system to Take the JHA >Create New JHA or >Modify Existing JHA.

Supervisors, Managers, and Work Leads (who are part of Safety Line Management) use the JHA to identify a core set of hazards and controls (such as engineered barriers, completion of required training, work processes for safety and quality, the use of personal protective equipment, etc.) that all members of the Work Group are expected to be aware of. Safety Line Managment retains ultimate responsibility and authority for defining the hazards and controls faced by the worker.

Supervisors/Work Leads are expected to review and discuss with the worker, their JHA. When a worker's Hazards Profile needs to be modified, the Supervisor/Work Lead has the authority to update it for the individual (not for the Work Group). Supervisors/Work Leads should discuss the worker's JHA modifications with the Work Group Owner ahead of time.

Authorization to perform work

The Worker and Supervisor/Work Lead must sign and counter sign the Worker's JHA to enact the "Work Authorization". Work may proceed subject to the controls specified on the signed JHA (i.e., Work Authorization). Specified controls include:

  • Completion of required training (this information will appear in My Training Profile on the left navigation when the JHA is signed)
  • On-the-job training
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Engineered barriers
  • Administrative controls (documented procedures)
  • etc.

JHA instructions

Depending on your role when using the JHA the steps you take will be different. For instructions on using the JHA as:

JHA system access

Click here to directly access the JHA system. In addition you will be able to view training profiles. Depending on your LBNL employment status you may access the system by 1 of 3 ways:

  • Workers with valid LDAP (LBNL email username/password) account
  • Workers without a valid LDAP account can use their Employee ID#
  • No Employee ID login is available for those without a valid LDAP or Employee ID#

JHA frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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