Earth Sciences Division (ESD) Department of Energy (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

ESD Lab Safety Responsibility

Labspace Lead PI

Because ESD labs are used by multiple PIs and project participants, Department Heads designate a Labspace Lead PI (LLPI) who is responsible and accountable for EH&S issues in their lab space. LLPI is a Division term that coincides with the EHS title for Area Leader.

Click here for the current list of Labspace Lead PIs for each ESD lab.

The Labspace Lead PI (LLPI):

  • knows about the hazards, work authorizations and procedures/equipment safety requirements in the lab,
  • maintains a Lab Safety Primer with copies of work authorizations and safety procedures,
  • communicates with other users/PIs in the lab,
  • conducts monthly walkthroughs/inspections of their labs,
  • conducts lab safety meetings,
  • and ensures that entrances to technical areas are posted with a Caution Placard which indicates the hazard types in the work area (such as corrosives and carcinogens) as depicted by hazard icons, minimum PPE requirements and emergency contact information.
  • View the full LLPI checklist of responsibilities (pdf)

Monthly Lab Safety Walkthrough

The Labspace Lead PIs (LLIPs) conduct monthly walkthrough of the technical work area (labs and shops) spaces they are assigned responsibility over to maintain safety and health standards. LLPIs also review new projects, equipment, hazards, on-the-job training records that will be associated with that space.

Required forms:

Lab-space user

Any Lab-space user (a person who works in a technical area) is expected to know who the Labspace Lead PI is, and to inform/discuss new work and/or change in work-scope with Labspace Lead PI, supervisor/Work Lead, and Safety Coordinator, obtain appropriate training and know about authorization requirements, know the location of Lab Safety Primer, and read and sign it.