Earth Sciences Division (ESD) Department of Energy (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

Near Miss Program

Reporting a near miss (also known as "near hit") or precursor helps facilitate continued safety practices in the work place. The information that you provide enables the Lab and the Division to communicate to its workers about these near misses with recommended or self-corrected actions. We hope that this provides workers valuable information to avoid future accidents and injuries. Currently, near miss reporting is managed at the Division level.

Any concerns you have should also be discussed with your Supervisor, Work Lead, PI of the project, or the Division Safety Coordinator and Line Management. Additionally, you may also contact EH&S Division subject matter experts or someone through EH&S Safety Concerns contact list.

What's a NEAR MISS?

A near miss is an event that could have caused a serious injury or illness, but didn't. For example:

  • Someone spills coffee or water on the floor and does not clean it up. Someone slips but does not fall.
  • A forklift operator takes a turn too quickly and drops the load which almost hits a nearby worker.


A precursor is an unsafe condition that could cause an accident or, an accident waiting to happen. For example:

  • Water or other material(s) on the floor that could cause a slip or fall.
  • A frayed electrical cord in your office.

How do I correct a near miss or precursor?

Determine if you can safely take action to resolve the problem yourself utilizing integrated safety management. If you or your supervisor/Work Lead/PI and the Division Safety Coordinator cannot safely take action, please elevate your concerns through Safety Line Management to enlist additional resources to ensure resolution. Please report any actions taken or recommended actions to resolve a near miss on our feedback form.

Reporting a Near Miss

Click here to report a near miss using our feedback form. The information you report will automatically be sent to the Division Safety Coordinator and reported through to Safety Line Management.

Reviewing Near Miss Information

The Division Management reviews reported near misses to ensure that corrective actions are followed through and reported to LBNL safety line management as required. Further comments and information may be requested of the person reporting the near miss to ensure that complete and accurate information is collected.

*We acknowledge and give credit to the the Engineering Division's Near Miss reporting program for the development of this webpage.