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Off-Site Safety & Environmental Protection Plans


Analyze your field work for ergonomic hazards.

Review these documents for information on reducing risk of ergonomic injury during field work:


The OSSEPP documents site-specific and work-specific hazards, informs workers of the hazards present, identifies the training and protective measures needed to perform work safely, provides emergency information and serves as a safety training document.

An approved OSSEPP, read and signed by each ESD staff member participating in field work, is required before travel to off-site work other than an observer’s visit.

The OSSEPP is approved by the Principal Investigator and DSC; EHS subject matter experts can be consulted as needed.  OSSEPPs are kept on file in the ESD Division Office and should be posted or readily available at the work site.  You may refer to OSSEPPs on file by clicking on either current or inactive OSSEPPs below.

The PI is responsible to ensure that the OSSEPP is reviewed annually and revised when the scope of work, staffing or hazards change.

OSSEPP: How it can be your friend in the field - A Powerpoint presentation by Pat Dobson

Procedure for Writing an OSSEPP

  1. Download the OSSEPP form.
  2. Fill out the form in Word on your computer.
  3. Email the completed form to the ESD Safety Coordinator, Vivi Fissekidou, for her review.
  4. Print out the completed form and have it signed by the Principal Investigator and ESD Safety Coordinator, followed by the employees who will support the project.
  5. Give the original signed form to the ESD safety coordinator (Vivi Fissekidou) and make copies for yourself and field staff.
If you have any questions, please contact Vivi Fissekidou at 486-5610

Procedure for Revising an OSSEPP

Current Active OSSEPPs

Click here for a full list of current, active OSSEPPs (pdf)