Earth Sciences Division (ESD) Department of Energy (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

Safety Walkthrough Program

Safety walkthroughs are performed to observe work, inspect the workplace, and talk with the employees about the safe performance of work. The walkthroughs serve the purpose of proactive accident prevention and promotion of safety and health awareness among staff members and demonstrate the importance that Line Management attaches to safety.

ESD incorporates 3 components to the safety walkthrough program:

  1. The Division Director's annual walkthrough of laboratory and office spaces helps to promote safety culture, increase management awareness of safety and space issues, ensure effective self-inspection of work areas and completion of safety systems (Chemical Management, Hazards Management, etc.) by the employees.
  2. The Department Head bi-annual walkthrough of laboratory and office spaces which they hold departmental jurisdiction over. This promotes safety culture, and supports the Department Head line management responsibilities by increasing knowledge of workplace ES&H issues; reviewing new projects, equipment, hazards; and meeting with their department staff, face to face, in the work environment.
  3. The Labspace Lead PIs (LLIPs) conduct monthly walkthrough of the technical work area (labs and shops) spaces they are assigned responsibility over to maintain safety and health standards. LLPIs also review new projects, equipment, hazards, on-the-job training records that will be associated with that space.

Prepare for the safety walkthrough

  1. Print out the appropriate walkthrough checklist.
  2. Conduct a self-inspection of your space. Alternatively, you can ask a colleague to complete the checklist for your work area, as fresh eyes always see new things. Complete one checklist for each individual office/desk area and technical work areas (labs or shops).
  3. Correct any actions if you can on the spot prior to the scheduled safety walkthrough or process a Work Request for actions that required additional resources. Use the "Action Needed" column to explain items needing improvement and reference the Work Order number (if available). Please attach sheets if you need more room to write.
  4. Please post the completed checklist in your work area - it will be collected during the walkthrough.
  5. Labspace Lead PIs are required to participate in the walkthrough of their area. Please review the LLPI checklist (ensure that the Chemical database is updated). You can include the Division Director and Department Heads walkthroughs on the inspection log (as it meets the monthly schedule).

Safety walkthrough checklists and logs