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Subcontractors Job Hazards Analysis (SJHA)


The Subcontractors Job Hazards Analysis and Work Authorization (SJHAWA) is also known as the SJHA. This is overseen by EH&S' Non-Construction Safety Assurance for Subcontractors, Vendors, and Guests Program. The SJHA process, similar to the JHA process, provides a documented mechanism to answer the question “How do I know that I’m doing my job safely?” The SJHA provides a work hazard and control description and a Work Authorization for workers performing hands-on work, at LBNL facilities and who are not under direct supervisory control of LBNL personnel.

The SJHA is good for 1 year and must be renewed.

Download the current SJHA form to begin the process and ensure that the Work Authorization is completed in order for the work to start. Please ensure that you are using the most current form by using the ESD or EH&S websites.

(Employees or participating guests (those with Employee ID#) should not take the SJHA and instead should go through the JHA process.)


The SJHA process is designed to be completed before the Subcontractor, Vendor, or Guest begins on-site hands-on work. (For step-by-step instructions, refer to the SJHA Instructions and Guidelines). This process is currently managed at the Divisional Level.

The process begins with the Requestor (the individual requisitioning the work to occur). The Requestor should work with the Division Safety Coordinator and other Subject Matter Experts prior to finalizing the award of the subcontract. Prior to starting work, the Requestor works with the Subcontractor, Vendor, or Guest to:

  1. Jointly review the SJHA form and ensure that all work hazards and controls are identified
  2. Identify any additional requirements that require Subject Matter Experts approvals or Safe Work Authorizations (e.g. activity hazard document, radiological work authorizations, penetration permit, etc.), especially for high-hazard level work
    • ELECTRICAL WORK of any kind requires completion of additional safety work authorizations/documents (allow an additional week to gather approvals when planning work)
  3. Conduct pre-job meetings (face to face) and review other EH&S orientations and work authorizations
  4. Ensure that GERT training or other required training is completed
  5. Lastly, sign the SJHA to enact the Work Authorization and therefore enable the work to start
  6. Provide copies of the safety documents to the Subcontractor, Vendor, or Guest and the Division Safety Coordinator.

Upon completion of the work the Requestor or, when necessary, a designee who is knowledgeable of the activity and has observed the work at a frequency that is commensurate with the hazard level shall:

  • Complete the "Record of Oversight for Scope of Work" section of the SJHAWA
  • Forward the final signed copy of the SJHAWA to the Division Safety Coordinator to maintain a copy for the Records file.

The SJHA process is further outlined in greater detail by the EH&S Division's Guidelines and Instructions and is summarized in the ESD SJHA At-A-Glance.

Authorization to perform work

The Requester and all Subcontractors, Vendors, or Guests must sign the SJHA form to enact the "Work Authorization". Work may proceed subject to the controls specified on the signed SJHA (i.e., Work Authorization) depending on the level of the hazards involved in the work. Specified controls could include:

  • Completion of necessary training
  • Certification by LBNL personnel (Subject Matter Experts) and completion of Safe Work Authorizations for high-hazard level work
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Engineered barriers
  • Administrative controls (documented procedures)
  • etc.

Safe Work Authorizations: Formal Authorizations

Depending on the type of hazards involved in the on-site hands on work, you may need to obtain additional formal authorizations. Allow up to one week for review and approval. Please review PUB-3000, Chapter 6, Appendix B: Safe Work Authorizations for complete descriptions and links to authorizations. Electrical work requirements for the SJHA are additionally copied below.

Electrical Work Authorizations - Required Documentation

SJHA instructions and guidelines

The "Requester/Division" section of the SJHA form should be completed before taking the next steps based on three possible scenarios, listed below. The Requester, must ensure completion of the SJHA form and process.

1. Establishment of a new or revised Subcontract (involves Procurement Department)

Send the SJHA form to the ePro Requisition Preparer (Inputter) along with the ePro request. Requestors may expedite the process by working with the Subcontractor, Vendor, or Guest to complete as much of the SJHA form as possible while the Procurement Department finalizes the details for the subcontract.

2. Subcontractor, Vendor, or Guest on-site, hands-on work that is off-contract (does not involve Procurement Department)

In this scenario, the Requester works with the Subcontractor, Vendor, or Guest to complete the SJHA form and process before the work starts.

3. Utilization of a pre-existing subcontractor agreement or renewing an SJHA form

Contact the Division Safety Coordinator to discuss the details of a pre-existing subcontract agreement or an existing SJHA. You should re-evaluate/review the existing SJHA information and scope of work for any modifications and complete the SJHA process.

Other Resources

Key Contacts

Vivi Fissekidou, ES Division Safety Coordinator (, X5610)

Mike Ruggieri, EH&S Program Manager for Non-Construction Safety Assurance for Subcontractors, Vendors, and Guests, (, X5440)

Keith Gershon, EH&S Electrical Safety Office (, X4694)