Earth Sciences Division (ESD) Department of Energy (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

Project/Facility Safety Review Questionnaire (SRQ)

To determine the level of safety documentation, worker training, hazards and hazards control for each project, Principal Investigators will review LBNL Pub 3000 Chapter 6, Safe Work Authorizations and complete a Project/Facility Safety Review Questionnaire (SRQ) at the time of Field Work Proposal (FWP) or proposal submission or renewal.  The SRQ is integrated in the Proposal Initiation Form which can be found in ESD's Proposal Development Center.

Each SRQ is reviewed by the Division Safety Committee (DSC), who may consult with EH&S subject matter experts for advice on whether the project requires additional safety documentation and EH&S approval such as a: Radioactive Work Authorization (RWA), Sealed Source Authorization (SSA), Activity Hazards Document (AHD) or an Off-Site Safety and Environmental Protection Plan (OSSEPP).

If you are applying for new funding, you should have received a Project/Facility Safety Review Questionnaire from Bridget Kramer. If you have not received this form, please contact Bridget kramer at x4804 or, or download the pdf version here.

Make allowances for EH&S costs (including ergonomic workstation upgrades) when you prepare your budget!

After filling out the form, please submit it to Vivi Fissekidou, Division Safety Coordinator (x5610).

For projects involving laboratory work, a copy of the signed SRQ should be kept in the laboratory safety primer.

The SRQ must be reviewed annually and updated whenever the project's scope of work changes.