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Safety Training

It is LBNL policy, and the federal law requires, that all staff, participating guests, visitors, and others who perform work at, or for, LBNL receive appropriate training necessary to protect their health and perform work in a safe and environmentally sound manner. This training must include information regarding job hazards, possible health effects, and required work practices and procedures.

A mechanism to identify which safety training courses are required or recommended, is to complete a Job Hazards Analysis (JHA) with your Supervisor/Work Lead before starting work. Training required by the JHA will not show up on your Training profile until your JHA has been reviewed and Authorized by your Supervisor or Work Lead. Work may proceed with the completion of the required training and subject to additional controls specified on the JHA.

Access your training profile

Employees can access their training profile through the JHA system. After logging in, click on My Training Profile in the left navigation to review any required, recommended, or completed training. Supervisors can access their employee's training profile as well.

Training courses

There are a variety of training courses (on-line or in a class-room setting) available to employees. Click on one of the links below to review course information or syllabus, or contact the Division Safety Coordinator for more information.

Training enrollment

Enroll in any of the courses as described by the websites listed above, or by going to the Employee Self-Service site and click on Training Enrollment on the left side of the screen.

Immediate training enrollment

If you require training immediately, but the class is full or not available in a timely manner, contact the Division Safety Coordinator to help arrange a special session for an individual or for a group. In addition, you can simply "crash the course". In this case, you can contact the EHS Training Program (ext. 2228) to find the location of particular course.

Specialized training enrollment

If you find that the available courses do not meet the requirements for conducting work safely, contact the Division Safety Coordinator to arrange for any specialized training that is directed towards a specific work group or addresses technical requirements of a particular task. If available, provide information on a similar course which may be held offisite....

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