Earth Sciences Division (ESD) Department of Energy (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

Universal Waste Program

Our complaints about needing salvage pick-ups have been heard! Thanks to Don Lucas** of EETD, there is a new pilot program for 70/70A area salvage and Universal Waste items, paid for by Facilities (i.e. no recharge to projects). Individuals no longer have to call Transportation with an account number each time they want to get rid of something. Transportation should gain since they don't have to process individual requests, and they should need less time since more items can be moved at one time. The lab gains by dealing with excess property more efficiently, and clutter in the labs can be reduced more easily.

If we follow the instructions EXPLICITLY and do not abuse the program, then we hope this service will be permanent, and expanded throughout the lab.

There are now regular (bi-weekly on Thursdays) salvage/Universal-Waste pick-ups. Items that you can carry can be put NEATLY in the package cage (USE THE SHELVES) on the 70 loading dock. You can access the cage with the same key used for the gas cylinder cage. All items that are put in the cage MUST BE LABELED with owner, date, extension and "to salvage". There are labels in the cage for this purpose. There are also labels and instructions for Universal Waste and Equipment Movement Forms for anything having a DOE property number.

At the cage there is also a clip board with a list of items that are too big for the cage (e.g. equipment, furniture, large monitors, packing crates). These large items should not be moved to the loading dock. On this list, you write down what it is to be picked up, and the location (e.g. bldg/room #). Then you label this item at its location and it will be picked up by transportation (or by waste management for universal waste) on the regular Thursday pick-up day. The same instructions for Universal Waste and items with DOE property numbers apply here as well.

If the cage fills before the scheduled pick-up, transportation will be called for an interim pick-up.

If your group is doing a lab clean-out, you can order a plastic hopper with wheels from transportation (x5404) that will be delivered to your lab (approx $35 charge) to fill. Then you can request it be picked up with the regular salvage pick-up by listing it on the clip-board list on the cage. All the labeling instructions indicated above apply here too.

NOTHING should be left on the loading docks, except for reusable wooden pallets. NOTHING SHOULD BE LEFT IN THE CAGE WITHOUT THE APPROPRIATE LABELING. NO HAZARDOUS WASTE, and NO REGULAR TRASH OR CARDBOARD are allowed (these go into the dumpsters). We will lose the program if we violate any of the requirements.

Contact with questions/suggestions.

**PS - Credit for getting this going also goes to Facilities, Transportation, EH&S Waste Management and the Division Safety Coordinators!