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Workplace Resources

The Workplace Resources information that is available here is provided by the Earth Sciences Division Operations (ESDO) Group. Processes and procedures outlined here are meant to augment or enhance the Berkeley Lab's Requirements and Policies Manual (RPM) and other guidance documents to support the organizational and business model of the Earth Sciences Division.

The ESDO Group has developed detailed step-by-step processes/procedures for employees and visitors to use as a tool for performing certain operational functions for the purposes of supporting scientific research at Berkeley Lab. The ESD will implement these processes/procedures to the best extent possible; however, it should be noted that in some cases of collaborating with Divisions other than ESD, implementation of business practices will be to the best extent possible within the employees' home division.

Earth Sciences Division Business Model

The Earth Sciences Division's scientific research primarily consists of theoretical work, computer modeling, field work, and laboratory experiments. ESD does not have “block-funded” projects. ESD is funded on an individual PI and task-level, project-level or program/center-level basis through a varierty of Work for Others (WFO)/non-DOE and Office of Science entities.  ESD's distribution of funding is approximately 25 - 30% work for others/non-DOE and 70 - 75% DOE.

The Division Director is responsible for overseeing the scientific, operational, and financial success of ESD. The Division Director relies on the Senior Division Leadership (Department Heads and Program Heads) and the Earth Sciences Division Operations functional units to manage and deliver on costs, commitments and activities of nearly over 400 projects.

The overall philosophy of the ESD in regards to business practices is that authority and responsibility follows the funds.  With that in mind, each level of authority carries with it a certain level of responsibility.  All members of the ESD are expected to ensure integrity in every business transaction and must stay informed of general practices, process, and procedures. Lines of authority and oversight are aligned according to Programs for funding and Departments for people.

Operations Serving the ESD Business Model

The Earth Sciences Division Operations (ESDO) Group is funded on overhead as well as direct research funds (ESD funding at a level of more than $50 million a year) and delivers business services, supporting a total of 400+ employees, UC faculty, affiliate, and students. These services include a whole service cycle broadly starting with:

  • pre-award management - proposals and budgets
  • post-award management - finance management of all costs (labor, travel, procurement) and completion of milestones and deliverables (publishing, reporting, event coordination)
  • resource management -
    • personnel (talent management and employee performance and development),
    • technology (procure to pay, computational resources),
    • infrastructure (space coordination for labs, offices, and field activities)
  • education, outreach, public affairs
  • environmental health and safety

As members of the ESD, the Operations Staff ensures that the Division runs smoothly and that questions, requests, and needs from a variety of customers are addressed with as less impact to the progress of the science as possible.  Staff include technically skilled managers and work leads, financial analysts, administrative experts, computer systems engineers, human resources experts, creative communication experts, and safety/administrative specialists.

In support of the ESD scientific effort, LBNL’s, and DOE’s Mission, the ESDO Stff provides general support in various service functions and relies on a partnership with the scientific management and staff to follow business practices according to regulations and procedures as defined by the Division and Berkeley Lab Management, by DOE, and by the U.S. Government.

Our Vision and Mission

We are the trusted business partner and sought after operations resource to ESD and Berkeley Lab...

The Earth Sciences Division Operations Group will provide best of class service in research administration and organizational operations. Key components to these activities include administrative services, financial management, human resources, communications, and information technologies. We promote a proactive and efficient approach to conducting business within the strategic goals and mission of ESD, LBNL, and DOE.

Our Team

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