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This is your resource for a variety of some general office administrative functions and resources.

Business Cards

Official LBNL business cards can be printed by the Government Printing Office provided that "artwork" is submitted by LBNL's Creative Services Office. The Division Director (or Designee) will authorize business cards for scientific staff and others who's job is critical to supporting LBNL's and ESD's mission and goals. A project ID is required to recharge the costs which is typically $200. Non-GPO printed business cards are acceptable and are typically printed locally in limited quantities (approximately 24 business cards) by the Division's Illustration team who can also help to prepare artwork. Read more > >

Mailing & Shipping

Mailing and shipping supplies can be found at ESD's mail rooms in B50, B90, and B70A. Review the most current information about mailing and shipping as they pertain to ESD's workplace needs. Read more > >

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms can be reserved by anyone with an LDAP account, using LBNL's Google Calendar web application. Contact your local administrative point of contact for assistance with scheduling rooms or to receive training on how to use Google Calendar to schedule a room yourself. Here is a short list of conference rooms available to convene meetings.

Reimbursements (Small Dollar Value)

Reimbursements to employees are allowed for costs that are typically of small dollar value. Costs incurred by the employee must be allowable (non-restricted) and for appropriate business reasons and purposes. Employees should seek pre-approval (verbal is acceptable, but email is best) prior to incurring any personal costs to ensure that reimbursement is possible. Read more > >

Telephone Use

Desktop and cellular phones are services provided by LBNL. Review some of the rules and employee responsibilities for using LBNL issued telephone services equipment and services. Read more > >


Contacts/More Information
  • Contact your local administrative point of contact
  • Peter Lau, ESD Business Manager,, (510) 486-5570

For a complete description of these and all other policies, please refer to the LBNL RPM at: