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Workplace Resources - ESD Quick Pricer (Calculator)

The ESD Quick Pricer (Calculator) is a simple/quick way to estimate the fully overheaded costs of labor, travel, and various types of procurements.  To access this resource, you will need to be a project account manager (listed on the monthly Project Account Report - enhanced (PARe)) and be at the Lab (or via VPN). 

To log in, you will need your LBNL Computer (Active Directory) account.  Most Windows system users will have this already as this is the username/password that you use to to log into your computer.  For other users, please contact either Bryan Taylor or Peter Lau for assistance.

Please note that this tool is in version 1.1 and will have more functionaltiy if time permits. If you would like to provide comments regarding it's use or features you would like ot see, please use this survey.

How to login to access ESD Quick Pricer

When you select the ESD Quick Pricer (calculator) link, you will be asked to login.  Please use your LBNL computer (Active Directory) login.  Pleaes remember to enter your username as lblusername format.

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How to use the ESD Quick Pricer (Calculator)

This tool has two parts.  The left portion is the calculator and the right portion is a list of burdens and cost multipliers.

The cost multipliers are a quick and easy way to estimate fully overheaded costs based on direct costs.  For example, if you want to know how much your on-site, DOE project would be billed if you were to purchase a $25.00 book from Amazon.  By looking at the cost multipliers, you see for this, it's 1.25.  So, the total cost to your prject would be (25 x 1.25)  $31.25.  

For the calculator, you can select either to find the fully over headed cost based on direct costs or the reverse (find how much you can afford based on an amount - such as if  you have $1500 left on your account and you want to know how much procurements you can make).

You will need to select the year, project type (DOE, WFO, etc), type of cost (Effort, Procurement, Travel, etc).

If you need further assistance, pleaes contact Peter Lau.





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