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ESD Poster Printing

The ESD Communications group supports poster printing by creating branded templates, troubleshooting system/font issues, and providing print-ready graphics and technical illustrations. Depending on the level of demand and availability of resources within the Division, we can also do custom print jobs limited in size, scale, and materials. Please send an email to with at least a 2-day lead time or ahead of time to discuss your printing jobs.

Please note:

DURING PEAK poster printing season (such as during AGU in December), look for announcements regarding advanced lead times for printing requests.  In such cases ESD Communications may need to outsource your request through the LBNL PA Creative Services (PA Creative) Office. Please refer to the non-Division printing discussion below.

When you are ready to print

Once you have printer-ready files, please email your original files (such as PowerPoint or other application) and a .PDF that was created to 100% scale of the intended size of the poster to:

Please specify the

  1. Actual size you would like to have the poster printed out.
  2. Project/Activity ID #
  3. Date you need the poster to be completed and available for pickup

*If the file sizes (Original + PDF) exceed 25MB, try zipping the files or please contact us to set up a google drive or dropbox or other file transfer solution other than email.

**It is also good to double check your output/print to PDF file. The "save as PDF" option or "PDF writer" that you selected may have not have been set up to create the PDF to the full size.

Non-Division Printing

During the peak periods of poster printing (such as during AGU in December) or for requests using non-traditional materials, it may be necessary for us to outsource your print requests through the PA Creative Office.

Below is a chart with the various non-Division print options for a 40" x 70" sized poster.

Lead Time

2-day lead time

<2 day lead time

After Hours/Emergency


˜$106/print, charged to Project/Activity ID#
˜$177/print, charged to Project/Activity ID#
You will need to pay for this out-of-pocket and there is a chance that you will not be able to reimbursed for your costs (PA Creative is currently working on finalizing a policy around this).


outside vendor
PA Creative (in-house)
your choice of local print shop


Jon Rhodin (PA Creative),, x6787

- and-

Jon Rhodin (PA Creative),, x6787

- and -

YELP or Google Search or Yellow Pages...