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ESD Poster Printing

The ESD Communications group supports poster printing by creating branded templates, troubleshooting system/font issues, and providing print-ready graphics and technical illustrations. We can also do custom print jobs limited in size and scale. Please contact Walter Denn (x7626) or Diana Swantek (x2838) for these services.

Once you have printer-ready files, full printing services are handled through the LBNL Creative Services Office. Please email your PDF file to You must specify the size you would like to have printed out.

Below is a chart with the various options. These are for a 40" x 70" sized poster:

Lead Time

2-day lead time

<2 day lead time

after hours/emergency


˜$135/print, charged to Project ID#
˜$219/print, charged to Project ID#
You will need to pay for this out-of-pocket and there is a chance that you will not be able to reimbursed for your costs (CSO is currently working on finalizing a policy around this).


outside vendor
CSO (in-house)
your choice of local print shop


Jon Rhodin (CSO),, x6787

- and-

Jon Rhodin (CSO),, x6787

- and -

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