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Publishing Charges

Generally known as “Page Charges”, Publishing Charges include publishing activity such as: reprint costs (with covers and without); publication fees; pages charges; color or halftone; weight of paper; color figures or pages; excess pages; perpetual care (keeping electronic copy on publishers server); open access fees (publishing on line); advance payment; figure manipulation or touchup; etc.

In order to process a Publisher’s form that requests payment for Publishing Charges please review these steps (Generally the form is sent to the Author when the paper has been accepted for publication and is often accompanied by a copyright form.


  1. Author receives the Publishing Charges Order Form and completes the form as best as possible.
  2. Author works with their local administrative support (see bottom of this page) to process payment as needed:
    1. To pay by issuance of check (preferred method(*) by LBNL):
      1. Submit order form directly to the Publisher to obtain an invoice (pro forma is also acceptable)
      2. Process a Request for Issuance of Check (RFIC) upon receipt of invoice.
    2. To pay by credit card or Purchase Order:
      1. Author can submit personal credit card on order form directly to the Publisher and is reimbursed through RFIC. (-or-)
      2. Forwards order form to the their local administrative support to process an ePRO requisition(**).

(*) While the preferred method of payment is by RFIC, the other options outlined are available. Issuance of check offers the fastest method of payment to the Publisher. You can track costs by applying resource category 23001

(**) If publishing charges are processed through ePRO, all procurement procedures apply in order to enact payment.


Call the publisher to see if they will take a check, rather than payment by credit card or PO, and request that they send an invoice.

Contacts/More Information
  • ESD Report Coordinator: Dan Hawkes, Technical Editor/Writer,, (510) 486-8602
  • Publishing Charge Payments and Backup Report Coordinators: Please contact your local Administrative Point of Contact

For a complete description of these and all other policies, please refer to the LBNL RPM at: