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Why Should I Get an LBNL Number for My Paper?

Scientific writing is of necessity a public discourse, and “getting published” is the typical route for such discourse. As a U.S. National Laboratory, LBNL, and the Earth Sciences Division within LBNL, has a reputation for key scientific discoveries and the most essential scientific work. We want the scientific community, and the world, to know about this work.

ESD scientists report on their work through papers to the world’s most renown scientific journals—journals such as Nature and Science—as well as reputable journals within the geosciences, such as Journal of Geophysical Research, Water Resources Research, and Journal of Hydrology. ESD scientists are of course highly encouraged, if not obliged, to publish their work in such commercial journals—not only to contribute to scientific knowledge in their fields, but to establish and enhance their personal scientific reputations.

But there is yet another public obligation that ESD scientists must bear. As UC Managing & Operating contractors, working for the U.S. Department of Energy, we are accountable to the American public—American taxpayers—for the work that we do at the Lab. Therefore, in parallel to the publishing we do through scientific journals, we need to publish our work through governmental channels. We do this by submitting papers accepted by commercial journals, as well as reports*, to LBNL, to be assigned an LBNL number. This number is the official DOE imprimatur or “signature,” indicating that the work reported on within the paper was at least partially funded by DOE.

Read more about what will happen if authors do not submit their papers for an LBNL#. An ESD employee whose paper has been accepted for publication should contact the ESD Report Coordinator to obtain an LBNL number.

*Technical reports (final or quarterly) should be submitted as soon as you have completed the report, as should papers being published in open-access journals.

Contacts/More Information
  • ESD Report Coordinator: Dan Hawkes, Technical Editor/Writer,, (510) 486-8602
  • Publishing Charge Payments and Backup Report Coordinators: Please contact your local Administrative Point of Contact

For a complete description of these and all other policies, please refer to the LBNL RPM at: