Earth Sciences Division (ESD) Department of Energy (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

Waste Management

ESD has a responsibility to support LBNL’s waste management practices; ensure that proper EHS procedures are practiced in the reuse, categorization, handling, and salvaging of non-hazardous and hazardous waste and property.

Download the Salvage and E-Waste Management At-A-Glance for a step-by-step on how to manage your salvage and e-waste items.


Salvage is also known as excess property that is no longer required but is in useable condition. Excess property is available for use by Berkeley Lab staff, the Department of Energy Management and Operations (M&O) contractors, and Government Services Agency (GSA) staff. Excess property is divided into two categories: (1) Large, high-value items, such as welders and compressors; and (2) miscellaneous low-value items such as office supplies (surplus property).

To salvage property, complete an Equipment Move Tag (EMT) (sample pdf) before calling the Transportation Department (x5404) to request a pick-up. Ensure that details of equipment are clearly written and the transportation driver signs the forms. Forward all signed EMT forms to any of the Division Office Administrative Staff.

E-Waste (Includes Universal Waste)

Universal Waste Label“E”lectronic wastes (e-waste) is non-functioning property which includes waste cathode ray tubes (CRTs) such as computer monitors, televisions, and oscilloscopes; and waste consumer electronic devices (CEDs) such as – computers (laptop and desktop), computer peripherals (monitors, printers, disk drives, printed circuit boards, computer speakers, scanners, mousing devices, keyboards), telephones, stereo equipment, tape player/recorders, video cassette players/recorders, compact disc players/recorders, calculators, etc.


Waste Minimization

It is the intention of Berkeley Lab to provide information on waste minimization and pollution prevention. Please review the Waste Minimization website to volunteer your time and see how you can minimize waste.


Contacts/More Information
  • Safety Coordinator: Vivi Fissekidou, x5610

  • Waste Minimization: Nancy Rothermich, x4644

  • Property Coordinator: Carol Valladao, x5781

  • Generator Assistant: Howard Hansen, x5867

  • Peter Lau, ESD Business Manager,, (510) 486-5570

For a complete description of these and all other policies, please refer to the LBNL RPM at: