Earth Sciences Division (ESD) Department of Energy (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

Employee Development

ESD is addressing its training and development initiatives by identifying courses, programs, and resources that will assist employees in improving core capabilities, fostering creativity, and mentoring others. Several courses and key seminars, especially for ESD, have been presented in the past and will be coming back very soon. Please come back to this page to learn more about upcoming ESD courses and seminars on:

For more information on the process for training and development and finding Lab-wide courses and seminars to meet your personal, research goals, supervisors and management experience needs, look at the following websites.

  • EHS' Training site Access on-line and classroom setting training for all safety courses as well as additional resources.
  • Employee Development Click on this link to review the Berkeley Lab's program for Employee Development and Training. You can download forms for Off-Site Training class reimbursement and credit. The Off-Site Training forms will require a signature from your supervisor as well as the Department Head and the PI who is paying for the course. Please contact Maryann Villavert, x7357.
  • Employee Self Service To review and enroll in Berkeley Lab's on-site training classes, this includes EHS, Travel, Human Resources, Finance Systems. Many of these classes are free, others may require a Project ID. This link will also provide you access to your personal data (such as emergency contact, benefits, training profile, and more).
  • Berkeley Lab Institute The BLI is a resource for employees to address personal, supervisory, and management development. BLI provides essential information for managing and working at the Laboratory, facilitates opportunities for learning and dialogue among Laboratory employees from across Divisions and functions about competencies we need to exhibit as leaders, supervisors and employees, and provides information on leadership, management and communications programs conducted by experts throughout the UC system and from other higher learning institutions.
  • Tracy Bigelow, ESD HR Sr. Partner, LGKirkendorfer, (510) 486-6065
  • Maryann Villavert, ESD Manager of Strategic Development and Communications,, (510) 486-7357
  • Peter Lau, ESD Business Manager,, (510) 486-5570