Earth Sciences Division (ESD) Department of Energy (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)
ESD New Employees

10 Great Reasons to Work at Berkeley Lab

  1.  An inspirational place - home to ten Nobel Laureates and sweeping views of the San Francisco Bay.
  2. Modeling and predicting the earth's processes (climate change, fluid flow through rocks) as far out as 10,000 years into the future with advanced computing and networking resources.
  3. Imaging, monitoring, and sampling the earth's systems and materials from the subsurface to the atmosphere. Getting out into the field and understanding what the earth is really made of.
  4. Analyzing elements from the nano-scale to in situ laboratory settings. Creating analytical experiments starting at the bench to a real system analogue to perform research. 
  5. Benefits, benefits, benefits - for you and your entire family.
  6. Competitive salaries - leading to rewarding careers.
  7. Over five weeks of paid time off - and the opportunity to actually use it.
  8. Great minds and down to earth people - co-workers every bit as smart as you are and a family proud to be part of.
  9. Yeah, we're an exciting startup - since 1931!
  10. Our bottom line - Reaching new frontiers in energy and environmental research and technologies to support a brighter future for the earth and its thriving communities.