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ESD New Employees

ESD New Hire Checklist

If you are a newly hired ESD employee, please review this page carefully to ensure you start off on the right foot.

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Before Arriving at the Laboratory

You should receive your offer letter with an appointment time to meet with a Human Resources (HR) representative for Earth Sciences at the HR Service Center (located at Building 65). Be sure to keep that appointment.

Before arriving at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), confirm with HR and your supervisor the date and time of your arrival so that:

  1. a security gate access pass will be issued for the day and/or you have information on public transportation, and
  2. your supervisor will be present to welcome you and get you settled. 

In your offer letter and start up packet you should receive some orientation material about LBNL. Otherwise you can immediately refer to the on-line New Employee Handbook (this link requires an LDAP email and password), which gives the basic information about LBNL, including a list of useful LBNL web pages.  To get acquainted with the Earth Sciences Division, please visit our homepage. We've also compiled a shortlist of resources you are likely to find most useful.

When confirming your arrival with your new supervisor, you should also discuss the computer hardware and software needed for your work, such as the type of machine, operating system, and any special software you need to purchase and want to have installed.

If you are driving onto the site, stop at the Blackberry security gate and you will be given a temporary parking pass and directions to your destination.  If you are planning to arrive via the LBNL shuttle bus, you will have to show the bus driver written documentation, such as your offer letter or bus pass, to indicate that you are entering as a new employee on the date specified.  Maps of the lab and the bus routes can be found on the LBNL web page “Directions to the Lab.”

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Your First Day
  1. Appointment with HR representative at the HR Service Center (located in Building 65).
    1. Finalize paperwork with respect to your hire
    2. Verify time and place for your LBNL New Employee Orientation meetings/training
    3. Obtain a temporary parking pass (if necessary)
    4. You will be directed to Building 65, Site Access to obtain an employee identification badge. If you are entitled to parking, you will receive a parking tag for your car.
  2. Meet with your supervisor
    1. Your supervisor will review and provide you with your Position Description, discuss safety, and required training. If you do not receive a copy of your position description, please remind your supervisor to obtain one for you.
    2. He/she will show you to your desk location
    3. He/she will give you a tour of the general workplace
    4. He/she will introduce you to your co-workers and Division Operations staff. Read more about workplace resources »
    5. He/she will discuss your scope of work and give you 1 or multiple Project IDs to use when accounting for your time card.
  3. Meet with your Department Head/Program Lead(s)
    1. Your supervisor will set up a meeting with your Department Head/Program Lead (if possible) on your first day.
    2. Discuss Division organization, work expectations, important Program and project information, etc. (refer to “Preparing for Meeting your Department Head/Program Lead”)
  4. Complete first day set up
    1. Visit the Division Front Office to finalize: office supplies, keys, phone, voicemail information, mail, mailboxes, LBNL publishing information, electronic mail, computer connections, ergonomics evaluations, etc.
    2. Contact/meet with Division Timekeeper, Karen Elliott (X7659) to learn how to report your time card using LETSLite.
    3. Meet with HR Service Center representative, to finalize any personnel issues or travel/relocation expenses (if applicable).
    4. Contact/meet with Division Business Manager, Peter Lau, or your local administrative point of contact for more information on the business operations of ESD.
    5. Test your computer (if available).
    6. Apply your voicemail greeting on your desktop phone.

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Your First Week
  1. Meet the Division Director: Your supervisor should arrange an appointment to meet the Division Director. 
  2. LBNL Portrait: Contact Sam Wright, the ESD Communications Manager, to arrange for a photo session with the Lab Photographer. (Note this is different from your ID badge photo.)
  3. Complete a Job Hazards Analysis.  This you can do on-line at  The “yes” or “no” answers you provide on the nature of your assignment will determine the EH&S training you are required to take.  If you are uncertain how to answer any of the questions, please consult with your supervisor.  
    • The Laboratory takes your Health and Safety very seriously. Integrated Safety Management (ISM) is the way we manage safety while working at the Lab by integrating safety into all our work activities. You are required to incorporate this into your work, so please review this carefully and discuss any questions or concerns you have with your supervisor or our ESD Safety Coordinator, Vivi Fissekidou (x5610).
  4. Ergonomics Evaluations: If you work more than four hours out of the day on a computer system (not necessarily every day) or will do repetitive motions in the laboratory or have had ergonomic-related discomfort or injuries in prior jobs you are considered to be “at risk” and we must make sure that your office/lab equipment is ergonomically correct.  Computer users are required to take the course “Ergonomic Self-Assessment for Computer Users”.  If necessary, you may request an ergonomic evaluation for youself, by contacting your supervisor, or by contacting one of our Ergonomics Advocates/Coordinators.  More information about ergonomics are found from both ESD's webpages and LBNL's webpages.

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Your First Month
  1. You are required to take the “New Employee Orientation” and “Introduction to EH&S at LBNL” training courses at your earliest opportunity (course schedules for many training classes can be found at  If you are not sure of other training you should take, contact your supervisor.
  2. You are also required to take ESD's New Employee Orientation which is offered the 3rd Friday of the month. Please contact Vivi Fissekidou, x5610 to confirm the next date, time and location, of the Orientation.
  3. Schedule an appointment for a health evaluation: If you are a new career employee or you know that you will be working at LBNL for more than 365 calendar days, call LBNL Health Services (x6266). Note that you are eligible to obtain a health exam free of charge at least once a year through Health Services at LBNL.
  4. If you are a Scientist/Engineer, you will learn about the annual calls for proposals that are issued by the various DOE program offices from your mentor or supervisor.  Many of these will be distributed via Level-1 e-mails, and some may be posted on the ESD Proposal Development webpage.
  5. If you are working in a shop or laboratory environment, are expected to work in the “field” (i.e., at an off-site location), or the scope of your work changes at any time, your supervisor will help you take/re-take the Job Hazard Analysis online to identify additional Heath and Safety training courses you will need.   Course schedules can be found at  Please note that pre-registration is required for most courses. If you are coming in from another UC managed lab or campus, your ES&H training may be transferred for credit. Please check with the ESD Safety Coordinator about this possibility.

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