Earth Sciences Division (ESD) Department of Energy (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)
ESD New Employees

Meeting your Department Head/Program Lead

One of the staff, usually your supervisor, will arrange for you to meet separately or jointly with your Department Head/Program Lead and others with whom you will be working.  Among the topics to be covered should be:

  • How is ESD organized?  We have a matrix organization.  Everyone is assigned to a specific Department.  Departments are organized by disciplines and it is within the Department structure that you will receive mentoring and intellectual/professional support and advice.  Departments do not control research projects and budgets, but Programs and Program Heads do.  For this reason, staff members conduct their research within one or more Program Areas. Staff members have a “home” Department supervisor, but may also have a Program supervisor.
  • Overall Expectations:
    • Health and Safety.  Your Department Head and supervisor will answer your questions about the ESD Health and Safety Program, including how to complete a Job Hazards Analysis and how to find out what EH&S training courses are required or recommended.  You should also take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the ESD Safety Program, which can be found at and “ESD Health & Safety at a glance”.
    • Performance Evaluation.  A review process and criteria by which staff are evaluated for merit raises and promotions. Department Heads are responsible for normalizing employee evaluations across their Departments. Read more by going to the Performance Review Process web page.
    • Publishing for ESD and LBNL. Employees who author publications should also keep their Department Head or Program Lead informed of high impact publications, presentations, or posters. Discuss with your supervisor topics of publications, publication policies (i.e., review process, submittals) and procedures for publishing as an LBNL employee. At times, the Division will be required to coordinate data calls for reporting purposes to the Department of Energy.
    • Travel policies and procedures. The Program Lead of the project an employee travels for business purposes approves the cost and purpose of the trip. Employees should review all expectations and procedures for travel prior to making any travel arrangements.
    • Property Ownership.  All property purchased by the Laboratory with DOE funds is U.S. Government property and must be used solely for official purposes; property custodians are responsible for knowing the status and location of all assets assigned to them and are accountable for them at all times. Read more »
  • Career Planning.
  • Engaging in outside employment. The ESD and LBNL policies and procedures regarding outside employment while employed by LBNL.
  • Mentoring.  ESD believes that some employees can greatly benefit by having a mentor and therefore has established a voluntary mentoring program. Review ESD’s Mentoring and Supervising practices on our website.
  • Graphics and word-processing support. How and who to contact from the Division Operations staff.
  • Computers and Printers.  Your supervisor will escort you to your office where there should be a computer installed.  After you check out that your machine and its software are set-up properly, your supervisor should show you which printers and servers you will be using.  If your computer is not working properly, you should either call the Laboratory Help Desk at x4357 or xHELP, or ask your supervisor to put in a web-based ticket at  Questions regarding servers should be directed to Bryan E. Taylor x5162, or send him an email at Also, see discussion of Ergonomic Evaluation in your “First Week” checklist.