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Information Technology

Cyber Security

Please review LBNL’s Cyber Security policies and guidelines from the ITSD (Information Technologies & Services Division) Computer Protection Program website, to ensure that you are taking appropriate actions when it comes to computer protection, appropriate Lab computer use, training, security requirements, and obtaining the latest news and updates.

Remember:  Make cyber security your responsibility. Watch out for social engineering scams. Ensure your systems are protected.

Computer Protection Implementation Committee (CPIC)  

The CPIC is the primary computer security policy advisory organization at Berkeley Lab. Chaired by the Computer Protection Program Manager (, the Committee includes Computer Security Liaisons from each division. It meets approximately once a month and assists in developing, implementing, and administering Lab computer security policies. Contact your liaison with any questions or comments about security policies or guidelines.

ESD Computer Security Liaisons:

Email & Internet Access

Remote Access

LBNL has issued a new policy regarding High Speed Remote Access Provisioning and Reimbursement for Laboratory staff, effective immediately. LBNL will only be able to reimburse 50% of costs related to this policy (exceptions may apply). The policy is located at

If you are an existing user of the Lab's DSL/cable service, ITSD's Networking and Telecommunication Department (NTD) will contact you via email or phone. To aid in the transition process, NTD will provide you with information on how to contact local carriers and assist you in changing your billing name from LBNL to an individual account. NTD will also provide you with current available pricing and service options.

If you are a new user, review the current Lab policy and Division procedures.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact Peter Lau at 510-486-5570 or via email at

Policies and Procedures

Review a more comprehensive list of Berkeley Lab's policies and procedures should the information presented by the Division need further clarification or is missing. Please contact us to help us improve discrepancies or enhance this website with additional information.

Contacts/More Information

For a complete description of these and all other policies, please refer to the LBNL RPM at: