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When an employee needs to travel (local, domestic, or foreign) to a conference/meeting, field-work, program peer reviews, etc.; you should discuss and obtain pre-approval by your Supervisor/ PI of the Project you are working on. The pre-approval validates that the trip is necessary, is an appropriate use of project funds, and that funding is available.

The traveler must certify that all travel expenses being claimed for reimbursement are related to the business needs of the project and are allowable under DOE or other sponsor travel regulations.

First Time Travelers

General Instructions & Division Policies

Key Contacts

ESD Lead Travel Coordinator: Sara Hefty, x4271

Approvers for ESD Travel

If you have any questions or comments, contact:  Peter Lau, x5570

Foreign Travel (In Detail)

Travelers, for EVERY foreign travel authorization (regardless of source of funding), you should begin with completing the Foreign Travel Justification Worksheet (.doc). This worksheet consists of about 6 questions that you should refer to when you process (1) the Foreign Travel authorization in TREX and (2) begin preparing your DOE post-trip report (when using DOE funds) upon your return. While this will be repetitious in nature, it is required information for both DOE and LBNL in separate formats. The Foreign Travel Justification Worksheet, is in reference to this Foreign Travel Authorization Reference Sheet (pdf).

Required Supporting Documents By Funding Source

Certain DOE offices require additional documentation to support your request to conduct foreign travel. Please review the following funding offices listed below and complete, as required. These documents must be submitted in total (not piece meal). Some of the questions are the same between the Foreign Travel Justification Worksheet and the DOE office's Point-Critiera questionnaire... but both documents need to be completed because they are submitted to different offices.

  • Fossil Energy - (includes some Geo-Seq, ZERT and WestCarb projects)
    • 5-point Criteria
    • Power point presentation (if applicable) or a statement as to why there is no presentation (i.e., field work, site visit only- no presentation required)
    • Letter of invitation from host/organization
    • Complete Travel Itinerary (including Airline and Lodging details)
    • If request is considered "Late" (submitted to the Travel Department with less than 45 days from the departure date), the Waiver for Late Submittal (.doc) needs to be completed
  • Radioactive Waste (RW) Funds (includes Yucca Mountain Project (YMP), Science & Tech (S&T)
  • Environmental Management (EM) Funds


Contacts/More Information
  • Ernie Majer, ESD Senior Advisor to the Division Director,, (510) 486-6709
  • Peter Lau, ESD Business Manager,, (510) 486-5570

For a complete description of these and all other policies, please refer to the LBNL RPM at: